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Pig Nukem: a casual take on hardcore platforming

2011-03-07 04:05:11 by sweetgames

Hi NewGrounds,

We've just released PIG NUKEM -- an attempt at approaching casual players with hardcore platforming mechanics, also tying in a gravity gun into the mix.

The results are very positive on our Spil-portals, especially with the fact that users stay engaged way longer than average.

Essentially there are these key mechnics in the game:

- Shooting (regular gun)
- Wall pouncing (done casually, just hold W or UP)
- Grav-gun

The game has 8 levels, with 100% of the players dying at least once in Level 2. In the middle of the game the pace is a bit mixed up with... ROBOT ALIEN ZOMBIE SANTA! He's also the final boss.

What do you think?

Pig Nukem: a casual take on hardcore platforming


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2011-03-07 05:39:05

I think it's a shooter not a platformer.
And not hardcore in any respect.

sweetgames responds:

It is hardcore compared to the titles we usually publish. But you might be right about it being more of a shooter.


2011-03-07 10:25:21 Svenskt eller?

sweetgames responds:

The game's localized in 19 languages, like all of other spil's games.


2011-03-17 13:51:37

Strange, I get the sign in the corner. Have you made a site for every language?