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Go Go Agent Zero!

2011-07-27 05:36:09 by sweetgames

Hey, we made a randomly generated running game with guns, explosions, helicopters, cars and more guns!

Check it out - Go Go Agent Zero!

Go Go Agent Zero!

Snail Bob 2 is live!

2011-06-17 04:59:09 by sweetgames

Snail Bob is back with a vengeance on an epic trip to his grandpa.

Go ahead and play it, NOW!

Snail Bob 2 is live!

Time to blow up bridges again

2011-05-06 08:11:26 by sweetgames

It's that time again! Time to blow up bridges in Bridge Tactics 2.

Also cars. And tanks. And people. And you can shoot birds!

Here's a little trailer: 6L1U
(right now youtube's embed generator is down... so no embeds, sorry!)


Time to blow up bridges again

We've released Big Evil Robots into the wild! This is one of the few internally developed Spil Game.

Play it NOW!

Some fun facts:

- It uses our dynamic API that eases work for developers whom we license games from
- The idea is based around using marbles to destroy robots, BUT with puzzles and physics involved
- Initially there were 30+ levels, but that felt too much. So we've cut them down to the top10. We'd rather have more people finish the game and want more, than 90% getting bored halfway through the game
- It was really important to allow casual players beat the game no matter what, while the hardcore crowd has a real challenge with collecting the stars

Bonus concept art attached!

Big Evil Robots finally released

Hi NewGrounds,

We've just released PIG NUKEM -- an attempt at approaching casual players with hardcore platforming mechanics, also tying in a gravity gun into the mix.

The results are very positive on our Spil-portals, especially with the fact that users stay engaged way longer than average.

Essentially there are these key mechnics in the game:

- Shooting (regular gun)
- Wall pouncing (done casually, just hold W or UP)
- Grav-gun

The game has 8 levels, with 100% of the players dying at least once in Level 2. In the middle of the game the pace is a bit mixed up with... ROBOT ALIEN ZOMBIE SANTA! He's also the final boss.

What do you think?

Pig Nukem: a casual take on hardcore platforming

Epic Defender Epicly Released

2011-03-04 08:30:44 by sweetgames

We've finally released Epic Defender, it's one of the few in-house developed games here at Spil. Hope you like it!

It may initially seem like a very simple and small game, but the more you play the bigger the map gets, also note the insane amount of medals.